"On the Streets of Caracas" for The Washington Post by Andrea Hernandez

Photo Editor of The Washington Post Chloe Coleman and designer Chris Rukan put together a wonderful spread with some images I made during the past two weeks in Caracas on the Outlook section of the paper. The text was written by Max J. Rosenthal.

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"Caracas, Wounded City" for El País Semanal: First Magazine Cover by Andrea Hernandez

Ten days of running around Caracas, my city, with skilled writer Martín Caparrós were all I can ask for as a journalist to finish 2018 with a golden brooch. I was extremely happy to be the first photographer for the series of reportages about Latin American cities. And my happiness exploded when I found out that we had made the cover of the magazine El País Semanal on January 27 of 2019.


"Venezuelan children head back to school amid dire shortages" for The Washington Post by Andrea Hernandez

Happy that Arantxa, Gabriel and Jospeh’s story in on The Washington Post today. Against all odds, their parents still manage to take them every day to school so that they can get an education. They are unsung heroes in this crisis. 
Venezuelan children returned to half-empty classrooms this fall as schools struggled with budget and teacher shortfalls, and parents scrambled to pay for food, let alone new uniforms and notebooks. 
Important story by Rachelle Krygier.
Thoughtful edit by Chloe Coleman.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to tell it.

The Washington Post Back to School Print

"Born in Exile" for Buzzfeed News by Andrea Hernandez

Working with Karla Zabludovsky, the Mexico Bureau Chief and Latin America correspondent, in this story was a privilege because she felt deeply for my countrymen and women. We cursed and cried together when we heard what Caro Rivero had to say and saw what she had to show. She is a mother of a child with no country, but she and her partner Eduardo Hernandez will work tirelessly for their child’s future in a land where they are foreigners. 
The light cheers up everything it touches. And even though Caro’s circumstances may not change in a while, I hope that people understand what is happening to Venezuela and Venezuelans.
Thanks to Kate Bubacz, Deputy Photo Director, for trusting me with this very important story and for a beautiful edit.

Buzzfeed Born in Exile Webpage
Buzzfeed Born in Exile Webpage

ICP Graduation Commencement Speaker by Andrea Hernandez

I was elected as the commencement speaker by my peers of the 2017-2018 class of the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York. I’m very grateful for this honor.

Here’s a video that my wonderful dad recorded on June 26, 2018: